Founded in 1996, Firefly Technology’s reputation as one of Europe’s leading advanced semiconductor technology representatives is based on complete focus and extensive industry experience. Originally, we sold mixed-signal ICs to the UK military and aerospace markets. Growing fast, we then sold complex SoCs to the European consumer industry, and RF & digital ICs to Northern Europe. From these roots, we’ve gone on to become incredibly successful at breaking into new markets by leveraging our wide customer base.

Dedicated, smart and focussed, we now have on going representative agreements with AMD, International Rectifier, Pixelworks, Vicor and more. We take full responsibility for their marketing and demand creation within the region, as we do for all our Principals. Acting as an outsourced sales and support team, we ‘own’ their whole product eco systems from brand sales through evaluation boards to software development kits and third party tools.

Frankly, we get a kick out of design-wins. Cutting edge technology excites us. Massively experienced in Embedded, Video, RF and Power, we love selling our Principals’ technology both in the UK and Europe. It’s something we’ve become very good at. Try us.

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